Chikun Broiler Finisher Pellet (25kg)


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Chikun Broiler Finisher Pellet is formulated to meet the nutrient requirements of meat birds from 28 days to the time of slaughter.

Chikun Broiler Finisher Pellet should be fed ad-lib. They can be fed in conjunction with scratch wheat or household scraps.  If alternative ingredients are being fed, the amount should not exceed 50% of the diet, otherwise, the birds will not be receiving the quantities of protein, vitamins, and minerals required for healthy growth.

If the birds are running free-range, shutting them up for the last two weeks will allow them to fatten.  Do not feed them 24 hours before slaughter.

Self-feeders protected from the rain and wind, are a good method of feeding the birds.

It is important to have fresh, clean drinking water available at all times. Place water away from the feed to minimize spillage and dampness.

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