Chikun Layer 2 Mash (25kg)


The layer-2 mash is aimed at achieving a physiologic increase in egg size as well as improve shell strength.

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Chikun Layer 2 Mash is highly balanced in nutrition and normally given to birds from week 45 after changing from the layer-1 feed. Enables early and sustained peak of laying hens for high-quality eggs with strong shells and yellow yolks and best of all early sustained peak.

Chikun Layer 2 Mash Feeding and management of pullets during the growing period have major effects on egg production and egg weights during the laying period.

  • Easy to sell eggs with reduced rejects.
  • Reduced breakages.
  • Increased productivity & profits.
  • A high number of eggs.
  • Feed to birds from 45 weeks of age and during the laying period.
  • Feed dry, ad libitum.
  • • Each bird consumes approximately 140g of feed per laying hen, per day.

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