Clean Dried African Giant Big Tasty Crayfish / Prawn / Shrimp / Enitan


This big dried crayfish comes in 0.5 pounds, 2 pounds and 5 pounds. It tastes delicious and and can be used for all your favorite dishes for additional taste.

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Crayfish is used as seasoning in Nigerian cooking. Crayfish adds a very traditional flavor to whatever it is used to cook that is why you will mostly find it in Nigerian Soups for Fufu meals, Concoction Rice and many more.

We usually grind crayfish into powder with a dry mill before adding it to Nigerian cooking. Sometimes, you will find it added as is in Abacha and Ugba.

There’s often a bit of a nomenclature war about what crayfish is. Is crayfish a shrimp, a prawn or even crawfish? Come to think of it, there’s also some confusion when it comes to shrimps and prawns hence they are often used interchangeably in some countries.

Based on the characteristics of shrimps, I would say that the crayfish we have in Nigeria are more like shrimps. So crayfish can safely be referred to as dried shrimps. They range from very tiny to large ones that can be mistaken for prawns.

Perfect for all African dishes! This species is used in almost all traditional  African dishes to bring out the flavor in every bite.

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